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3 Yet Powerful Tips You Can Use To Book More Appointments - Even If You Have No Experience In Marketing

Tired of chasing leads and booking appointments? It’s like herding cattle sometimes am I right? These tips will help you put those processes on auto pilot. Our clients tell us that booking more appointments on auto pilot is one of the greatest feelings you can experience as a service base business owner. There is simply nothing else like it. We believe when you up your marketing game, you get to enjoy clients coming to you instead of you seeking out clients. 

I am a visual learner so let me put it in an illustrative way for you:

Let’s say me and my wife are trying to figure out where to eat, we all know she isn’t about to make a decision and every place I pick she isn’t going to be into. Well what we are going to do or I should say what I am going to do is “Google it.” More specifically if I am craving BBQ then I am gonna go to Google and type in ‘BBQ Restaurants near me,’ well this is no different than what your customers are doing correct?

One more quick example: I own a tree service business right? Well if their is a customer who needs tree service wether that is removal, trimming, stump grinding then they are gonna go to Google and search ‘tree service near me’ and more likely call the first website they see. Let’s face it people are kinda lazy huh? This guide is intended for the steps to lead right into each other. So it’s step by step meaning you need the first step to do the second step. Lets get into it:

3 Simple Tips To Help You Book More Appointments in No Time

Some days, booking clients on auto-pilot might seem like a faraway dream due to you chasing clients for business day in and day out. But, if you implemented the right strategies, you can get there far sooner than you think. We’ve outline 3 simple, tried-and-tested techniques we believe you can use to book more appointments on auto pilot, gain more free time, and get your spouse off your back about spending more time with the family.

#1 First Simple Technique-Keywords

The number uno thing you (must) do is keyword research. Now before you get all “Ah man” on me let me show you how quick and efficient this can actually be. Plus it gives you exactly what your target customer is looking for. So for the top example the one most latter my main keyword would probably be ‘tree service near me.’ But people don’t always search the same thing so what would the rest be?

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The fastest and most efficient way to get your keywords is to just “borrow” them from your competitors. Yup, the internet has been around for ages so guess what? Somebody more than likely already built a website and integrated all the keywords for your service business. So how do you get these keywords from the competition? Well you just use SEO tools, but I know you aren’t looking to pay a fortune for an SEO tool just to use it one time so don’t worry I got you covered.


First let me explain the most useful thing for most SEO tools is keywords and search volume. Being able to look at a keyword and how much it was searched in the last 30 days gives you an idea how many people are in your target market/month basis. So first I want you to sign up for a tool called keywords everywhere. Click the link and it will take you to the site. This tool is a chrome extension so follow the prompts and add it to your chrome browser. At the time of writing this it was 1$/month and you can cancel anytime. Once you sign up and have it installed on your chrome browser now go to your competitors website. How do you find your competitor your asking? Let’s get into it.


So to find your main competitor all you do is search your business service on google in your area. Now scroll down to the first website that looks like an actual business and doesn’t have sponsored next to it (thats a google ad and more on that later.) And yes skip angies list and home advisor. That first website is your main competitor and didn’t get to the top of Google because of luck. It’s because they have the right keywords and so when people type the keywords in, their website comes up first. Now click their site and go to your chrome extensions and if not on yet turn on keywords everywhere. Then in the keywords everywhere window hit the Organic Ranking keywords (URL) button. This will load up all the keywords the site is ranking for. I like to export this list into an excel spreadsheet then organize it by search volume. Get rid of redundant or irrelevant keywords. Thats it you now have a decent keyword list of what people are searching for in your area. Which now what do I do with this?

#2 Second Simple Technique

Now you have your keywords in hand, what the heck do you do with them? So first let me say this to give some background on what google does to rank websites. Google is a robot and what it does is actually send tiny micro bots through search listings to find your site and “crawl” the information on your site. That is why they are called keywords because when Google crawls your site the kw’s will trigger the micro bots and telling the bot this is what your site is about and then those bots categorize it.


So yes you need to integrate the keywords into your website content. You can usually outsource this for about $100 and I would say it’s totally worth it. Because the website content has to make sense still right? People aren’t going to stay on your site for long if you just have a bunch of random words on it. No it has to flow properly. If you want to outsource it no problem our company will do it for you. Just email us at Give us about 2 business days. Please provide us the images though we can use our own but we will charge an extra 25$.


That’s basically it though we would suggest to just build a landing page as we call it. It’s like the front page of the news paper and is good to use mainly for grabbing customers attention and getting them to do your call to action. Wether thats requesting a free qoute or giving you a call to come do a free estimate. But hear us out though you don’t have to pay for this you can just use one of your existing pages to do this. And if you would like us to build the whole thing content, page design, and on page seo on it then we will do it for 150$. Just email us at the above email. From our experience the relevancy of the web page is important. Especially for step 3.

# 3 Simple Step

Alright this is the banger as the kids say. In this step you are going to create a Google Ad. This will automatically put your landing page/webpage at the top of Google. This is the main reason we needed to know exactly what our customers were looking for because if you like shortcuts then in this scenario you can just pay for it. Alright lets break down step by step:

The Headline Template

  • Headline 1 – Your Main Keyword 
  • Headline 2 – 100% Free Qoute Call Now
  • Headline 3 – {keyword} and a variation of service 
  • Description 1 – Your atleast 3 services you offer. Call for free qoute.
  • Description 2 –  Best priced, locally owned, (years) experienced in the (whatever your area is)

FaQs on Google Ads

What are some ways I can bring my budget down?

  • So sometimes this is a tricky one especially if you live in a city with a huge population. One way is to just play with the keywords one maybe making your budget go up. Just take some out and if you want to get a general idea just pull up the keyword list from keywords everywhere again and look at the Cost Per Click(CPC). That will give you a general idea how much your keywords are worth.
  • Another way is to just play with the location especially if the population is too high. For example if I target a county and within that county is a city population of 500k.

Google is wasting all my clicks on youtube ads and partner searches, how do I stop this?

  • Alright so here is the thing about Google, they will give you recommendations that basically make them more money. What that means is they like it when you run a smart campaign because it gives them more control and they run your recommended budget up on wasted clicks. The way to stop this is that we know nobody is going to search for your service late at night and early in the morning. So you can go to Ad schedule and turn your Ads off from like 10pm to 6am. These overnight clicks are coming from bots that people run to randomly search and click on websites. Long story on actually why they do this.

Google Ads Conclusion

How we look at this is simply like this; Google Ads is an auction and everytime someone searches, Google decides who to place on top based on 3 things: Your Ad relevancy or whats in your headlines, how much you are paying for CPC for that particular keyword searched, and your landing page so it matters whats on your page. We would say if you ran a Google Ad then best thing to do after its running is to keep track of the metrics and make your adjustment based off that. Overall if you are the top of every search your CPC is cheaper than your competitors, Google rewards you if you have good website content and clickable ads because that makes them more money. We do offer Google Ads management at Dead Lucky so if interested or want to know more about how we take more control over the Ad than Google to bring CPC down quicker schedule a call with us and leave in the comments “in reference to Google Ads.”

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