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portrait of austin peters and his wife

About Us

Here at Dead Lucky we believe in helping the small business owner achieve marketing success. Marketing is your main avenue to generating revenue in your business and with our expertise in all areas of promoting a business we exist to serve you and your business. 

We aren’t here to tell you how to run your business we are here to come to a mutual strategy and service for your success. Wether you are looking for that new business logo to gain more attention from your target market or need a completely built website from the ground up we got you.

Our mission is “The local small business owner has every right to have as much knowledge as the Monopoly.” We are a veteran owned business with our CEO Austin Peters serving 10+ years in the military. Austin has been studying Digital Marketing since 2011 and kept up to date with all the anomalies over the years. We also have an extensive background in illustration combined with copywriting. So if you are looking for a logo design, or an attention grabbing headline then reach out to us!

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